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Pharmaceutical R&D Facility Uses Elemental Machines for Enterprise Asset Management

Research and Development lab facility with tissue culture core, robotics, and biology lab uses Elemental Machines to monitor their devices.


Vaccine vials-1This lab facility was using Tetralink for all of their device monitoring needs. The Tetralink product was problematic because the sensor was bulky, causing space issues in the tight quarters of their lab environment. Tetralink’s sensor wires also prevented the doors of the lab equipment from shutting completely. This forced the customer to choose between monitoring their equipment and shutting the doors completely.


The Lab made the switch to Elemental Machines(EM). They found that the EM sensors were sleek and compact, allowing them to place their equipment closer together. They also were able to shut the doors of their equipment completely while using the EM sensors.

The Lab also enjoyed the peace of mind and diagnostic benefits of the real time graph functionality within Elemental Machine’s application, showing trends and the history of temperature readings.

“Just last night someone turned off an incubator because it was making a weird noise. Once it dropped 2 degrees outside of the allowed range, we got an alert, and could determine someone likely turned it off. We had the problem solved within 5 minutes, all while I was sitting on my couch at home,” said the Lab Facility’s Head of Operations & Safety.